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SIB 001/19 República Dominicana la nueva circular

SIB 001/19 República Dominicana La nueva circular Circular 001/19 SIB de la República Dominicana insta a las Entidades Financieras a adoptar, entre otras cosas, y desde el 1 de Enero de 2021, un nuevo Marco de Contabilidad y Normas Internancionales de Información Financiera.     ¿Cómo se pueden adaptar las Entidades Financieras a esta nueva  Continue Reading »

Make Your Business Run Smarter With Business Intelligence Software

How the right reporting tools can help your business work harder and smarter As your business operates, it creates data. Business intelligence is a term used to describe the processes and methods of collecting, storing, analyzing, and presenting this data so that it can be used to drive decision making. This data and how it  Continue Reading »

How Infor’s CloudSuite System Can Help Your Business

Cloud-based platforms with familiar tools and common navigation can transform the way you do business As your business grows and your reporting and information needs to expand, you will find you need a robust, scalable, and industry specific enterprise software solution. Infor’s CloudSuite software is an advanced, customizable, cloud-based solution that will give your company  Continue Reading »

What Could Cloud Computing Do For Your Business?

Lower costs, better processes. Cloud computing is the game-changer your business needs The traditional way of providing computing power to your employees is to run important applications from software on a physical server located in the same building. As technology improved, those server rooms got smaller and smaller while the limitations of this way still  Continue Reading »

What is Treasury Management Software?

Definition: Treasury Management Software manages the creation and governance of policies and procedures that ensure the company manages financial risk successfully. The primary function of treasury management software is  to establish levels for cash or cash equivalents. Resulting in a company meeting its financial obligations on time, treasury management is sometimes simply referred to as  Continue Reading »

Best BI software for distributors

Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence: Best BI software for distributors The 2018 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence Platforms report enhances the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Firstly with deeper insight into vendors’ product and service offerings. Secondly by providing product ratings of key capabilities in critical differentiating usage scenarios. In conclusion the Best BI software  Continue Reading »

What is Close Software?

My Close Management Software. I certainly would to like to shave time off the month end close. Firstly, put an end to the boring manual tasks. Secondly, streamline the inefficient reconciliation processes. The result is gets numbers that accounts can trust. Therefore what is close software? The set of tools to complete your close process  Continue Reading »

Smart Analytics BI Software- What is Smart Analytics Software?

Organizations are looking for technologies that help more people do sophisticated analysis. Smart Analytics BI Software is the solution. Software vendors, are investing in analytical capabilities that help anyone—from data scientists to business users—get to answers faster and uncover unanticipated insights. Through machine learning, statistics, natural language, and smart data prep, we are making analytics  Continue Reading »

What is Close Management Software?

Would you like to shave time off your month-end close? Put an end to the mind-numbingly boring manual tasks and streamline your inefficient reconciliation processes? And get numbers you can trust? Close management software can help you with all of that — and help you keep your sanity intact. In brief, close management software helps  Continue Reading »

Workshop ‘Tableau Day’ no Banco Popular Puerto Rico

A Smart Solutions International (SSI) e a Tableau realizaram recentemente um workshop no local do “Tableau Day” no Banco Popular Puerto Rico. Personalizado para as necessidades do Banco Popular, o workshop foi projetado para evangelizar o uso do Tableau em vários departamentos e funções de negócios nas operações do banco em Porto Rico. O Tableau  Continue Reading »

SSI vence o FY17 FSG Partner do ano

SSI vence o FY17 FSG Partner do ano SSI vence Prêmio de Parceiro do Ano da FS17 do FY17 no Infor Partner Summit 2017 Este ano, o Infor Partner Summit foi realizado em Nova York nos dias 9 e 10 de julho, em conjunto com o Inforum 2017. Os prêmios Infor reconhecem os parceiros de  Continue Reading »

SSI Vence Infor FY14 Escritório Do Prêmio Parceiro CFO Do Ano – Brasil

SSI vence o Prêmio FY14 para o Escritório do Parceiro CFO do Ano no Infor Americas Partner Summit 2015 No Infor Americas Partner Summit em San Antonio, Texas, no início de fevereiro, Paul Warren, diretor administrativo da SSI, recebeu o prêmio de reconhecimento da Smart Solutions International como Escritório do Parceiro CFO do ano. “Esses  Continue Reading »

SSI Wins Infor FY14 Office Of The CFO Partner Of The Year Award

SSI wins FY14 Office of the CFO Partner of the Year Award at Infor Americas Partner Summit 2015 At the Infor Americas Partner Summit in San Antonio, Texas in early February, Paul Warren, Managing Director of SSI was presented the award recognizing Smart Solutions International as Office of the CFO Partner of the Year. “These awards  Continue Reading »

‘Tableau Day’ Workshop At Banco Popular Puerto Rico

Smart Solutions International (SSI)  and Tableau recently held an onsite ‘Tableau Day’ workshop at Banco Popular Puerto Rico. Customized to the needs of the Banco Popular, the workshop was designed to evangelize the use of Tableau across various departments and business functions at the bank’s operations in Puerto Rico. Tableau has been used successfully by the  Continue Reading »

SSI Wins FY17 FSG Partner Of The Year

SSI WINS FY17 FSG PARTNER OF THE YEAR SSI wins FY17 FSG Partner of the Year Award at Infor Partner Summit 2017 This year, the Infor Partner Summit was held in New York City on July 9 and 10, in conjunction with Inforum 2017. Infor awards recognize Channel Partners that have demonstrated excellence over the  Continue Reading »