SunSystems Procurement

Infor SunSystems Procurement frees purchasing professionals from labor-intensive administration and processing, allowing them to focus on purchasing strategy and supplier management. At the same time, Infor SunSystems Procurement empowers staff by permitting them to manage their own purchasing requirements within the rules and policies defined for their organization. Users are able to drill down into a transaction to gain an accurate and immediate picture of where the transaction stands: from requisition, purchase order, and receipt of goods to supplier invoice and payment.

Requisitions. Easy-to-use, browser-based screens allow users to define requisitions—either entering data manually or selecting it from catalogues—and then track their progress in the purchasing cycle. In addition, users can attach items such as scanned documents, emails, and images to aid in the approval process. The solution also provides budget checking and commitment accounting.

Contracts and purchase orders. Employees can create a purchase order directly or compile it from one or more requisitions. Infor SunSystems Procurement allows users to:

Receipt of goods. Employees can easily enter the receipt and return of goods, matching them against orders. They can also reject delivery of items and record comments.

Invoice reconciliation and payment. Users can enter invoice details manually or import them via document scanning. Not only that, they can match invoices quickly and simply.

Inquiry and analysis. Employees can get immediate visibility into purchasing information based upon user-definable parameter selections, and view all requisitions or purchase orders placed over the past month. Plus, they can drill down from the summary level to detailed transactions.