Infor Smartstream Web

Web Ledger

The Web Ledger solution leverages your Infor FMS SmartStream investment, helping you make the most of your financial applications. By providing complete back-office integration, Web Ledger improves information management across your enterprise via the web. It provides your users with secure, convenient access to the information they need, and also lets you use the policies already established in your Infor FMS SmartStream Platform, Ledger, and Funds Control systems. Specific capabilities keep your data moving at the speed you need to compete.

Web Invoice Approval

Infor FMS SmartStream Web Invoice Approval is a webenabled extension of your SmartStream Accounts Payable (AP) module, allowing for the efficient processing of invoices online, anywhere, anytime. Accessed through a standard browser, Web Invoice Approval reduces total cost of ownership by extending the features of your SmartStream Accounts Payable application, without having to license or maintain “non-accounting” personnel on a full installation of the product.

Web Purchase Order

SmartStream Purchase Order web-enables your Infor FMS SmartStream Purchasing module, saving you time, improving communications throughout your purchasing process, and allowing you a range of powerful functions.

Web Receipt

Now you can improve your organization’s financial management and productivity by automating online communication with the help of Infor FMS SmartStream Web Receipts in connection with your purchasing system. Through an ordinary web browser, requesters can record the receipt of incoming orders, check on receipts previously added, and update as needed. Likewise, goods ordered through your current Infor FMS SmartStream client can be received with this efficient new web application.

Web Requisition

Infor FMS SmartStream Web Requisition is an intuitive, easilyinstalled front-end application that extends the power of SmartStream to any computer with a web browser. It integrates with your financial management system to give you a single sign-on to all SmartStream Web applications and a simple, straightforward way to access those applications. Its ability to “punch out” to suppliers’ websites eliminates the cost of maintaining catalogs and prices. Also, punch-out provides real-time price validation and inventory checks, reducing the need for back orders and eliminating discrepancies between purchase order prices and invoices.

Vendor Self Service

Infor SmartStream Web Vendor SS is a web-deployed solution for your Accounts Payable (AP) module that is designed to improve communications with your vendors and save you time. Designed with Microsoft™ .NET technology, the program delivers rapid performance and a rich visual experience, making the task of finding data quick and efficient, while displaying the results with striking clarity. The application provides a secure, real-time method for your vendors to check their accounts payable information over the web. It provides an intelligent interface to your Infor FMS SmartStream Accounts Payable application and provides vendors details such as payment status, payment history, and invoice information.

Employee Self Service

Infor HCM SmartStream Web Employee Self Service features an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) that can be accessed through a standard web browser. The solution is easy to install and features full administration and configuration capabilities that make it possible to balance the need for security with easy employee accessibility during and after normal business hours. By automating many of the features in the Infor SmartStream application, you save time and improve information management across the enterprise.

Benefits Enrollment

Infor HCM SmartStream Benefits Enrollment System eliminates the guesswork and high costs associated with broadening the reach of an organization’s benefits business processes by extending them across the Internet. The solution leverages the universal accessibility of Infor’s Web 7 technology to make benefits information available to all employees when and where they want it. WEB 7 technology takes advantage of Microsoft™ .NET technology.