Infor SmartStream Human Capital Management


A highly robust and reliable solution, payroll provides forward-thinking companies with comprehensive payroll and taxation administration capabilities, ensuring that all employees are paid accurately and on time, and that all federal, state/provincial, and local tax compliance, and reporting requirements are met. It gives managers fast, direct access to payroll data via inquiries and reports, and integrates seamlessly with Infor’s financial management solutions. It enables both net-to-gross and gross-to-net calculations and displays the results online. It handles a full range of voluntary deductions including medical, charitable donations, union dues, and retirement plans. It also accommodates direct deposits; earned income credit (EIC) payments; tracking of earnings such as vacation, sick pay, holidays, and overtime; group term life imputed income; and distribution of employee hours, earnings, deductions, and taxes to multiple cost centers. Regular and special adjustment, month-end adjustment, off-cycle, and mid-month payroll runs are accommodated. Payroll also supports creation of monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll reports; worker compensation reports; quarterly and annual tax reporting; retroactive pay calculations; and overrides. A variety of standard payroll cyclical reports are included.


SmartStream® Benefits from Infor® provides for the design, implementation, and enrollment in health and welfare benefits and flexible spending account plans. In addition, this application seizes the value of its integration with SmartStream Personnel and Payroll by eliminating the manual efforts to start, stop, or carry forward payroll information based on life or work events for an employee.


Performance links workforce management with corporate performance by providing managers with timely visibility into key workforce performance indicators such as labor spend, overtime, and attendance. Real-time alerts proactively notify managers when performance thresholds are breeched, helping prevent labor issues such as excessive overtime, budget variance, or compliance violations. Performance ensures that managers from all levels use the same information to make decisions. Pre-defined role and industry-specific launch pads deliver immediate value for employees, managers, supervisors, and executives. Advanced bursting technology automates query and report distribution to deliver workforce information to thousands of users. The module provides the operational visibility to improve decision-making and ensure workforce decisions align with corporate goals.