PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay


Employees at all levels of your organization need the ability to buy the goods and services they need in order to do their jobs without undue effort or delay. But at the same time, you need to minimize costs, optimize the use of available funds, maintain essential financial controls, and ensure policy compliance. In order to do this, you must have a greater degree of control and visibility of the purchasing process. The right combination of convenience, control, and visibility is key to effective Spend Control.

Proactis Solution

PROACTIS purchasing solutions simplify the purchasing process for employees so that they readily embrace it as the easiest way to buy the goods and services they need while following the organization’s established policies and procedures. It provides employees with highly intuitive access to electronic supplier catalogues and “punch-out” to websites for direct purchases, as well as streamlined submission and full visibility of purchase requests. It provides managers with office and mobile electronic approval capabilities, as well as immediate visibility of request details and related financial information to support approval decisions and budget control. It provides purchasing professionals with history for spend analysis, supplier negotiations, and procurement process improvement.