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“I’m a gadget guy. I’m an addict,” Infor CEO Charles Phillips tells Business Insider in a new profile headlined “How Infor CEO Charles Phillips Is Quietly Becoming The ‘Steve Jobs’ Of Business Software.”

After spending a day with Phillips at Infor’s New York City headquarters, reporter Julie Bort observes: “… hang with him for a while and you’ll soon realize, besides being a CEO, a marine, a lawyer, an ex-Morgan Stanley Wall Street MBA, a computer programmer, and the former No. 2 guy to Larry Ellison at Oracle — deep down, he’s really just a geek.”

“Phillips was constantly surprising us,” she writes:

“Most days, he just takes the subway.”

“Like Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Phillips always answers his own email.”

“Another thing that surprised us was the company that Phillips keeps.”

“Phillips is an art, music, fashion, and design-lover and he wanted his company’s software to be beautiful,” she writes. “Like Jobs, Phillips approved every detail of the redesign right down to the icons.

After rejecting the icons’ redesign a bunch of times, he had an epiphany. He didn’t need technical help; he needed artists.

So he built an internal creative agency, called Hook & Loop, located at the company’s New York headquarters, and staffed it full of 80 writers, designers, developers, and filmmakers — not the usual assortment of people that create enterprise software.

“We didn’t just want to make icons look better, but to really look at what people were doing,” he said.”

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