Infor Performance Management

Organizations of all sizes around the globe rely on Infor PM to better monitor, measure, and manage their business. With Infor PM, organizations identify their true business success drivers, formulate effective strategies, align actions and resources with plans, proactively monitor and analyze business processes and results, control employee -initiated expenses, and collaborate across the enterprise.

Planning—easily create and compare multiple “what if” scenarios, test assumptions, assess the impact of events, and model your business to meet targets and high-level objectives. You can model your business using key drivers and view it from multiple perspectives (e.g., organization, product, market, distribution channel, time) to support effective decision-making.

Budgeting—design any number of zero-based, historical based, and rolling budgets and plans. Use this application to improve the speed and accuracy of calculations, allocations, phasing, and currency translations. Because Infor PM’s Microsoft® Excel® interface sits on top of a single database, you also retain the familiar look and feel of spreadsheets but eliminate the accuracy and version control problems. When a business change occurs, Infor PM automatically updates the affected numbers and reports throughout the system.

Forecasting—create statistically accurate forecasts that help you manage performance expectations, make tactical adjustments, and achieve performance goals. You can generate rolling forecasts, check the accuracy of submitted plans, and receive automatic alerts that allow you to easily spot issues as they arise and quickly take action. Combining the software’s statistical benchmark engine and analytic capabilities with your own experience, you gain a more accurate picture of future performance.

Financial Consolidation—improve corporate accountability, increase financial transparency, and meet government mandated reporting deadlines confidently. Even global companies with multiple general ledgers, charts of accounts, and ERP systems use this solution to automate data loading, consolidation, and validation. With Financial Consolidation, you can collect, process, report, and analyze data in multiple currencies, and report on the effects of currency fluctuations. Consolidate data according to local and international standards, and view it from many business perspectives (e.g., geographic region, product line) and structure versions (e.g., this year’s results, last year’s results).