Infor Motion

Your work. In motion

Being tied to a desk or even a laptop has become incompatible with the way we live and work today. You
no longer sit by the phone waiting for that important call. Why should you have to be at a desk to get your
work done? Get access to both information and systems anytime, anywhere with Infor™ Motion.

Dashboards go mobile

Business dashboards, which present a unified graphical display incorporating key business status information in a format that’s easy to read, are most valuable when they go where you go and show the information that you need. Now you can take advantage of the next breakthrough in information delivery—business dashboards that you can use wherever you go via the popular Apple® iPad® platform or a web browser.

Whether your work involves sales analytics, shop floor inspections, or working at remote facilities, Infor™ Motion Dashboards software now allows you to work effectively wherever you go.