Infor ION

Infor draws on decades of experience in specific industries to solve the problems that matter most to our customers. Today, those customers face endless demands for greater speed, and a need to cope with larger data volumes and escalating complexity, while containing costs.

That’s why we’ve developed a whole new approach to business software. Infor ION represents a new concept for business software that replaces traditional middleware solutions with a speedy, lightweight connective structure that adds new levels of intelligence and sophistication to existing business technology. It’s faster to implement, easier to use, and more economical to operate than any middleware-only solution. It also adds a powerful, unified combination of contextual business intelligence, common reporting and analysis, streamlined workflow, and business monitoring, all delivered within a single, consistent architecture.

Infor ION Process—At the heart of Infor ION lies a connective network that lets your applications exchange information quickly and flexibly through a lightweight, loosely coupled system. With Infor ION Connect to unify all the parts, and ION Workflow & Events to streamline your business processes, you have a system that supersedes middleware with something vastly more powerful.

Infor ION Connect—Your applications operate together quickly, so you can seamlessly execute business processes and get fast results.

Infor ION Pulse—This part of Infor ION creates a data feed that lets your applications transmit business documents to each other and subscribe to whatever kinds of documents are relevant. You can also monitor those messages yourself so that you can keep tabs on your entire business as easily as you’d monitor a social media feed. ION Pulse also enhances that data feed with contextual intelligence to help you make better decisions faster.

Infor ION Workflow & Events—There’s a lot more to your business process than software. Infor ION structures the human side of your business process by letting you create, standardize, and monitor your business process and change workflows yourself when you want.

Infor ION ActivityDeck—A client for ION Pulse, this utility lets you view and interact with the information that you get from Pulse, either on your desktop or on your favorite mobile device. It also lets you inspect and modify the processes you create in ION Workflow & Event management, so that you can continuously improve the way you work.

Infor ION Business Vault—The information that ION Pulse shares with participating applications is also saved in a single, optimized business repository called the Business Vault. By providing a secure reservoir for past transaction data, Infor ION gives you an easy way to mine your data for more flexible, powerful reporting, business intelligence, and analytics.