IBM Cognos BI

Query and Reporting

IBM Cognos BI Query and Reporting fits the needs of users across organizations from report authors to users who need ad-hoc queries and customized reports. With Query and Reporting, users are equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions in a system that is fast and easy to manage.

IBM Cognos Business Insight gives you the visibility and access to all the information youu need to make informed decisions. With IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel, you can apply the complete spectrum of Microsoft Excel capabilities to your secure BI data to avoid multiple versions of the truth, data entry errors and security issues. You can seamlessly transition to deeper analysis capabilities and perform complex analysis tasks quickly and easily to get to the "why" behind an event or action to improve business performance.


IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence Scorecarding enables organizations to capture corporate strategy and communicate that strategy at the operational level. It helps executives and managers provide quantifiable goals and targets, and allows them to track performance across business units, operating subsidiaries and geographic regions to quickly identify areas that need attention.


IBM Cognos provides dashboard capabilities that allow any user to access, interact and personalize content in a way that supports the way they make decisions. Secure access to information from all time horizons including Business Intelligence, Real Time Monitoring, SPSS and TM1 means that users can quickly move from insight to action. Users benefit from the power of their dashboard content with information they can trust, from their perspective, in their desired format.

Real-Time Monitoring

IBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring delivers actionable business intelligence by providing an organization’s frontline with rich, visual operational KPIs and measures for supporting up-to the- moment decision making needs. Actionable BI provides the business with immediate contextual intelligence giving workers insight into relevant operational information to make accelerated decisions. These accelerated decisions drive actions that have optimal impact on business operations in real-time such as call center agent utilization, marketing lead monitoring and SLA monitoring.