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Smart Solutions Consulting

Smart Solutions International is focused on increasing the value to your business derived from Financial, Human Capital Management, and Business Intelligence solutions. Our representation of partners Infor Global Solutions, BlackLine, Proactis, Tableau, and Cognos, an IBM Company provide access to proven industry leading software solutions and tools. Smart Solutions is uniquely qualified to develop and implement effective solutions relevant to your business objectives. Most Smart Solutions consultants have prior customer implementation skills / experience developed as an employee of our partners.

Consulting services address all facets of the application life cycle and includes the follow:

Featured Services

Application Review

The Application Review focuses on the effective use of software applications currently in production at the customer facility. The typical scenario that occurs with any application software over a period of time is that the use and effectiveness of the system tends to diminish and the streamlining process, initially established, also begins to diminish. We often find customers not utilizing current releases of the applications, not taking advantage of new features, functions, and processes or not having a thorough understanding of the functions within the applications. There are many reasons for this, some of which include; continuous turnover of personnel coupled with an inappropriate level of transfer of knowledge; lack of education on a timely basis with the specific product, and the omission of a continuous process improvement program.

Business Intelligence Review

This B.I. Review helps you discover what may be achieved by combining key business data from disparate systems and reporting against it as if it was all in one place. We will analyze your data requirements for a manageable subset of your priority KPI’s, Dashboards, and/or reporting to help you understand what is possible with the many reporting capabilities provided through our partnership with industry leading Business Intelligence solutions. Effective Business Intelligence should be described as a journey opposed to a fixed destination. This B.I. Review will facilitate you having a better appreciation of what is possible and a better understanding of the journey needed to achieve your objectives. We will help you understand what solutions you can leverage right now to gain greater coherence and insight from your data assets. The workshop will include a B.I. Review document deliverable you can use to understand current challenges and available solutions.

Custom Solutions

Use our consulting to assist with defining, documenting, and developing your unique application requirements. We use our knowledge of applications, platform, and processing conventions to enhance existing functionality, develop new windows, or new modules. New functionality may therefore be deployed with minimal ramp-up / training since these same processing conventions are in many cases already leveraged by your user personnel.

Managed Services

Smart Solutions provides an outsourcing service for managing your applications, allowing you to utilize consulting services to ensure your staff’s productivity and application proficiency. Managed services allow you to supplement or replace internal responsibilities for managing applications, supporting key user personnel, and developing reporting, interfaces, or extending application functionality.

Smart Solutions Training Services

Ensuring your project team and end users are well-trained is imperative. Therefore, Smart Solutions offers comprehensive training and mentoring services to ensure your organization has the knowledge to effectively deploy and use applications / solutions licensed through our partners. Training is focused on the specific needs of the user determined by the role and solution being implemented.


Smart Solutions is a provider of formal training classes developed by our partners or content more tailored for your specific environment. A full curriculum of instructor led training with student workbooks that include hands-on exercises are used to engage the implementation team. Training is conducted onsite at your location for typical class sizes up to 10 attendees and may include assistance with setup of your training environment, and incorporates all applicable training materials, workshops, and supporting data. In addition, you can choose to customize the course to your data, providing a more relevant and intuitive learning experience to your employees.

Our instruction methodology is built on the train the trainer concept with the implementation team attending the project curriculum and then generally responsible for delivery of end-user training, developed with the help of Smart Solutions consultants. This helps to ensure that your personnel are developed as the 'on-site' expert that can assist with user questions and provide ongoing internal training.


Mentoring services are also available which typically include a collaborative, hands-on approach with less emphasis on formal classroom manuals / materials. This is typically more appropriate for a small group, customized training objectives, or specific training budget requirements / constraints.

Smart Solutions Implementation Methodology

Our consultants follow a specified methodology, combining product, technical, and consulting skills to navigate clients through the necessary steps in the implementation process. We combine years of experience with proven processes to ensure success when implementing your critical business solutions.

The Implementation Methodology includes control and monitoring of software implementation projects. It assesses the quality of the implementation and monitors the risks associated with implementations. The level of project management included in the project is dependent on complexity, risk, and the capabilities of both Smart Solutions and Customer involved staff members.

Critical to successful implementations is to have the right resources available at the right time and assigned to the right tasks. Our approach and criteria for project success recommends mixed teams consisting of key users knowledgeable of the business processes and systems personnel. Our approach is designed so both Smart Solutions and the Customer can work together to determine the appropriate resources and strategy to manage the project for success.