Consolidation Integrity Manager

The BlackLine Consolidation Integrity Manager (CIM) automatically verifies that data used by and conveyed between different systems is properly transferred and reconciled. This is particularly useful for companies that have multiple, distinct systems, such as a Consolidation Systems and multiple ERPs or General Ledgers feeding into it.

The Consolidation Integrity Manager automates system-to-system reconciliations. Without BlackLine, the consolidation integrity check and reconciliation process typically includes an extract and manual comparison of balances between various systems, a procedure often complicated by the roll-up process. The Consolidation Integrity Manager automates this process. Relationships are defined between the different systems so that, for example, all cash accounts in a general ledger might roll up to a single cash account in a consolidation system. If the totals match or are within a configurable tolerance threshold, the system automatically certifies that particular consolidated account reconciliation.

As an integrated part of the BlackLine Finance Controls and Automation Suite, exceptions identified by the Consolidation Integrity Manager can be seamlessly corrected through an adjusting entry made through the Journal Entry product.

Key Features

  • Configurable relationships between source systems allow maximum flexibility in the tie-out process
  • Full audit trail and records of all balances that tie out and are system certified
  • Clear identification of out-of-balance accounts
  • Email notifications of balance changes
  • Links to underlying reconciliations to assist in researching discrepancies

Key Benefits

  • Save time spent on verifying the integrity of consolidated accounts
  • Achieve greater accuracy in financial statements by eliminating manual tie-out
  • Provide greater control and visibility in real-time
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Consolidation Integrity Manager

Case Studies


Zurich American Insurance Company


The Consolidation Integrity Manager is an invaluable tool for companies with global operations, consolidation systems, multiple general ledgers, or multiple systems where it is necessary to ensure zero discrepancies. By managing information across such complex configurations, the Consolidation Integrity Manager module provides superior control and visibility, resulting in more accurate financial statements.