Central Government & National Agencies

Infor delivers end-to-end solutions for Central governments and related national agencies and authorities that will produce fast, far-reaching results and system-wide transparency.

Constituents demand expanded services, greater accountability, and more transparency. Yet these demands come at a time of consistent decreases in budgets and funding, stringent limits on international aid, and a physically and technologically aging infrastructure.

In a rapidly evolving global marketplace, every government is under increasing pressure to produce better results faster.  While the central government and larger agencies benefit from the unique combination of speed and flexibility provided with Infor FMS SmartStream; smaller agencies can benefit from the robust functionality and ease of use of Infor SunSystems. Connectivity between the smaller agencies and the central government is done with Infor Consolidations.

Infor FMS SmartStream offers a comprehensive package of functionality to give you maximum control over costs, receipts, inventory, and other critical financial variables. It is typically deployed for national governments and larger government entities.

Modular construction allows you to build a SmartStream solution to match your business by including the capabilities you need and excluding the ones you don’t. Modules you can select include ledger, payables, receivable, billing, asset management, projects, allocations, consolidations, budget, and funds control.

Infor FMS SunSystems provides an autonomous, standalone, comprehensive ERP that can be deployed locally or in a Hosted model. It is ideal for governments that need a flexible financial solution to handle the varying requirements for a broad range of agencies and authorities.