PROACTIS Content Management


Enabling employee access to electronic supplier content is critical to your success with eProcurement. When a catalogue of specific items from approved suppliers is readily available to users at the time of purchase, they can simply search for, select, and order the items they need, automatically incorporating the correct price, SKU, and other item information into their purchase order or requisition – there is no need to locate and physically search through paper catalogues, and no buyer assistance is needed. The more items that can be purchased this way, the more effective and efficient Spend Control becomes for your organization. But management of diverse and ever-changing supplier catalogues can be a complex and time-consuming job.

Proactis Solution

PROACTIS Catalogue Management provides a centrally managed, content-rich electronic catalogue repository with consistent information, classification, search capabilities, and information display across all suppliers. Maintenance and publishing tools enable incorporation of new supplier catalogues and updates in an efficient, controlled manner. Supplier self-service maintenance makes the process even easier without losing internal control. For buyers, extensive search and visual item comparison capabilities make it easy for employees to find, compare and select exactly what they need. Integration with PROACTIS Contract Management ensures catalogue items and prices are always in sync with current contracts.