Infor pm Budgeting & Planning

Budgeting And Planning

Infor PM Planning and Budgeting’s planning application allows you to model your business quickly and test multiple scenarios easily, helping you prepare realistic financial and operational plans that will make it possible for your organization to achieve its goals. The solution’s budgeting application helps you manage, streamline, and improve the integrity of this critical business process, whether your organization does business locally or globally.


Infor PM Forecasting makes it easier for you to achieve a more accurate picture of future performance by simplifying this important task. Streamlining the process, Forecasting helps reduce the amount of time it takes to collect forecast information across your organization and around the world at the level of detail you require. You can collect data as frequently as you need it through the web, Microsoft® Excel®, or other business systems. You can even load data directly from source systems or data warehouses. Then, simply choose the data on which to base the forecast and the number of future periods you’d like to include, and let the software do the work for you.